Merry Christmas from the Bolams


Written by Kath

What a busy year … full of ups and downs but we made it.

Last year we started the year with our puppy Joey having knee surgery. This year Daisie’s eyes were red and inflamed with an infection. It lasted 3 months with daily hot washcloth treatment, meds, and tender loving care.  She even had to go to the doggy ophthalmologist and was quite a trooper!

We fit a lot of adventures into this year … 4 different weeks of camping at Farragut State Park, three trips to Washington, one trip to Arizona, 7 Fishing trips, 3 walks for a cause, Bloomsday, and 3 trips to Silverwood.  We had two sets of friends come to visit and lots of friend and family support throughout the year.


(Pictures of Farragut, walks, Bloomsday, and Washington trips)

Bob got to go fishing with our son Brian 7 times in between all of our other adventures.  Our grandson Marcus joined him on the trip that the truck got a flat tire!  Brian hand built two fishing rods for Bob during the year. Brian says Bob is a much better fisherman when he uses them. Bob says he is very very proud to have handmade rods made especially for him by his son!

Our friends Kim & Jim came in August to camp with us at Farragut and again in December so Kim & I could photograph eagles at Lake Coeur d’Alene.  All four of us get along well! We even went on the Santa Cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene with all the little kids that were on the boat!

My friend Lora came over to hike with me in September and we ziplined way up high over Kellogg, Idaho.  In November, when I went to help my mom, Lora came to visit us there too!

The Bolam’s Express sold this year after 3 years on the market.  The new owner loves having her and took her out to two events. She performed really well for him.  This made us very happy and relieved!

Along with all of these things, we had several home projects going on including 1) putting a new roof on our home, 2) getting a new vinyl plank for our bedroom floor, and 3) we extended the back of the shop so the trailer fits in the shop without putting up the wall Bob had built.  It’s much easier to close the garage door when you get home rather than build the wall when you are tired!  We did fix many things that weren’t working quite right like the radio in the car that disconnected calls, the lawn tractor that only went straight, and the trailer refrigerator that only worked on electricity, not gas.  Bob can hear better since we replaced his 10-year-old hearing aids.  He has been amazed to hear what road noise sounds like in both of our vehicles or the click of my mouse across the room!


We updated Bob’s drone and my camera and big lens … we are both excited about all the new features on both of these items!