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Our Life Together


married    7       years

Our neighbor agreed to sell his 1955 Chevy to Bob and the restoration project began for our newly named Betsy.  A frame off restoration was in order when he discovered how nice she was.  The ultimate goal was to restore and show our Betsy in 1,000 point judging national car shows.  To get ready for this, we decided to go to a show and watch how things worked.  The Tacoma car club adopted us, and Frank Lind let Bob help him get his car prepared so Bob could learn.  This helped a lot.  We went to several car shows with Frank and his Chevy.

We made a road trip all the way down to San Diego in our new Honda prelude to visit Bob's sister Bev.  She showed us all around town.

Oct 30th brought the birth of our niece Fiona.  Grandpa Leonard and I got in our little yellow car and drove up to meet her that day! How fun!

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