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Our Life Together


married    15      years

For our 15th anniversary, we flew to Hawaii and went on the Hawaiian cruise that we went on for our honeymoon.  It was very fun. We got treated to some special activities because we were returning passengers AND we got to renew our vows together with all the other returning passengers.

In 1996, we welcomed two new grandchildren. 

  • June 9th, Samuel Stephen Lant was born

  • July 26th, Katelyn Neal Bolam was born

We went to the Indy car races in Portland on Father's Day weekend. When we got home, someone had broken into our home and stolen our Ford Explorer.  That was hard. It did not keep us down for long.  We drove down to Nevada to meet Sam when he was 3 weeks old.  In September we met our friends at the ocean and we all traveled south to San Francisco to see the Indy Car races there.

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