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Our Life Together


married    30       years

This year in January we lost Mokie and by March we got our new Havanese puppy Daisie.  She was healthy, loved everyone and going everywhere we did so we went many places.

We attended 4 Vintage boat races all together.  We attended Moses Lake without our boat.   We took the boat to Tastin' N Racin', Coeur d'Alene, and Chelan.  The boat did ok until we were running in Chelan and she pumped all the oil inside the boat.  Luckily they got the boat stopped before the engine got hurt.

We had lots of friends and family come visit us.  Our friend Cheryl came to visit in June and we had a fabulous time.  By August, Cheryl was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It was a big shock for everyone.  I spent every day visiting with Cheryl that I could through phone, email, chatting over the computer, and in person visits.  My goal was to give her giggles, laughter, and support.

Volunteering and helping others continued this year.  Bob is helping at the winery and helping his friend on his carbon fiber boat.  Kath loves playing with the kids at Children's Village and at church doing several things.  After we got Daisie, she re-worked the website for the breeder and has been keeping it up-to-date.

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