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Our Life Together


married    28       years

The biggest thing this year, besides Bob turning 65 and starting Medicare, was that the Bolam's Express restoration project was completed!  We attended two Vintage hydro races this year - Moses Lake & Pateros.  We learned a lot both times and modified the engine to work better the next time.

Pateros was very very hot.  Bob got overheated and ended up in the hospital a couple weeks later.  He was fine.

Because of Mokie's Epilepsy, any other traveling happened separately so someone could watch him.  Kathy drove to Seattle to visit family and help Dave celebrate his birthday.

Bob continued volunteering at Coeur d'Alene Cellars as their maintenance man and harvest and bottling.  He started working with a friend learning about carbon fiber and helping him with his big project.

Kath continued her Children's Village adventure which is the highlight of her week.  She also sings in the choir and helps with Sunday School.

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