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Our Life Together


married    32       years

I got my new "fancy camera" this year and I could not be happier.  It has been so much fun. 


Last year we said the Bolam's Express was retired.  This year we did go to Moses Lake and Chelan without the boat and had a great time.  Soap Lake had a race for the first time in many years. Since the Bolam's Express was the last boat on the water for the last Soap Lake race, they wanted us to put our boat in the water first.  They asked us to go out and run during the National Anthem and hold the flag.  We brought the boat and Jerry drove around and held the flag. It was a pretty site.  In August the Unlimited race Diamon Cup came to Coeur d'Alene.  We decided since it had been Bob's dream to run his boat on Lake Coeur d'Alene and the race site was only 8 miles away, we would come out of retirement for this race.  It was a fun weekend.

We took Josephine & the Bolam's Express to 3 car shows. We did two shows in Hayden and one in Pinehurst.

The biggest adventure this year was a trip I made with my friend Cheryl.  It was important to me to help Cheryl have some fun experiences between all her sick times with her cancer and chemo.  The Honda wasn't reliable so we took Bob's truck all the way to Logan, Utah to visit Dad & Linda.  We had a great time and it was very good for Cheryl and Kath to have this time.

We decided the Honda was not going to last much longer so we bit the bullet and purchased a new Toyota getting a zero percent loan.  It is a great car for us.

After coughing for over 3 years, Kath got tested for asthma and found out that is exactly what she had.  Now the journey started to find the correct medication!

Bob worked on the Diamond Cup committee which took a lot of his time.  He continued helping his friend on his boat and helped Jerry Kelson as crew on his hydro.  Kath loves Children's Village, singing in the choir, helping with websites, and working on genealogy.

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