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Our Life Together


married    33       years

This year, our two youngest grandchildren graduated from High School.  We attended Katelyn's ceremony and party because they live close by. We did not get to see Sam but we are proud of both of them.

Kath took her friend Cheryl on two trips this year.  It felt great to be able to help her do different things between her chemo treatments.  We went to Mom's in Seattle and she met my friends and family.  In June we went to Logan, UTah again to visit Dad & Linda.  We felt fortunate that we did this trip because my Dad passed away in October.


Having the Bolam's Express boat stay retired became a hard thing to do.  We got asked to participate in a Kelson tribute.  They wanted 5 Kelson family members driving 5 Kelson hydroplanes.  Our boat helped them have 5 hydroplanes so we said yes.  Later in October, we went to Chelan to the event without our boat.

Bob re-sanded the bottom of the boat and had Eric re-finished it.  Eric put so many coats on that we could see our images in the finish.

Three of Bob's first cousins came to visit.  He had not seen two of them for a very long time.

This year Bob volunteered one day a week at the Museum of North Idaho.  He did several jobs but mostly told stories and sold things in the guft shop.  He also helps his friend with his vintage hydro and learning lots and lots.  Kathy's main love is to play with the kids at Children's Village.

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