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Our Life Together


married    34       years

This year Kath started converting all of her parents and grandparents slides into pictures we enjoyed and shared.  This is a huge slow project but brought lots of joy.  We did this also with the slides and photos our daughter-in-law Megan had.  Her mom passed away around the time Kathy's dad did so they bonded more with this project.

We both tested our DNA with and have been working on all the new discoveries.  Several of Kathy's family members and Bob's cousin have done this too.


We had a trip planned to Arizona with Kath & Cheryl but but Cheryl got too sick. Kath went down to visit Linda and after she got home, Cheryl passed away.  She fought Ovarian Cancer for over 3 years and we got 3 trips for her done in that time and many many giggle sessions.  We will miss her.  Kath went down later in the spring and attended PJ's college graduation.


Kathy's cousin Benny came for a visit.  It was the first time they had been together in many years.

In May, Kath went to Seattle to meet our new great nephew Kaiden.  Several family and friends came to visit.  On the way home, we stopped to pick up our new family member. It was our puppy Joey.  He is Daisie's new best friend.

Joey and Daisie got to go on their first camping trip to watch the Soap Lake race.  It was fun.

We went to several car shows with both Josephine and the Bolam's Express.

On Brian's birthday, Bob, Marcus, and Bob went fly fishing.  They had not gone in a while and this started an adventure of of fly fishing together.

In September, Kath traveled to Seattle again and hurt her back from stress.  Tracy and Sam came by to visit for a couple hours.

Bob and Kath continued with their volunteer activities.  Bob worked with his friend's hydro and Kath continued playing with the kids at Children's Village.

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