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Our Life Together


married    26      years

The big news of 2007 is that we got our Bolam's Express back thanks to our friend Mark Evans.  It did not look much like how we left it years ago, but after some tender loving care, it can be beautiful again.  Bob plans to restore it with a little help from his friends and run it again as a vintage boat. We are very excited to have it back.

Mokie's epilepsy got a lot worse so we did not travel a lot so that we could be closer to the vet.  This caused many of our friends and family to come here to see us.  This was such a great thing!

This year Bob started volunteering weekly at CDA Cellars and learned a lot and was very happy.  Kath started volunteering at Children's Village in February.  It's a foster care home with kids who need love and smiles.

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