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Our Life Together


married    13      years

We started off the year with a big 50th birthday for Bob.  


January 21st brought our grandson Marcus William Bolam into our family. We were excited to  have a second grandson.


A big project for Bob this year was the creation of Rainier Classic Chevy club.  He worked with two other friends to get this started but he ended up being the leadig the club!  It was a "have fun" club with drive-in events with our classics, participating in parades, and other get-togethers.

Fiona and Kathy took a trip to Arizona.  This trip was a lot of firsts for Fiona including first airplane trip, first trip with Auntie Kath, first trip without mom & dad ... we had a good time.


We attended the first Hawley/Carver family reunion in Canada. This is Bob's mom's side of  the family.  It was fun to meet all these people who were connected by one couple long ago.


In November, Grandpa Leonard turned 90 years old and we had a big party for him. Many friends and family came from all over to celebrate.  If they could not come, they called during the party. It was a fun time.

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