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Our Life Together


married    18      years

1999 ... the year we retired.  Bob retired at age 55 from Boeing in January.  Kath "retired" from Boeing at age 43.  We had two work retirement parties and one open house for all of our friends and family. 


After all the celebration, it was time to put our home on the market and begin packing.  Our house sold and we found a new one in Idaho so we worked on moving.  It took 3 trips back and forth to get all of our belongings there.  We closed 10 days early in Washington so we put our things in storage and camped for 10 days until our Idaho home was ready. Then ... back out of storage our stuff came and and into our new house. We wouldn't recommend doing everything twice!

After we moved in and got settled, we had a steady stream of company who wanted to see where we moved.  It was fun showing off our new location.

This is the year that Kath started working on Project Linus blankets and updating websites. Bob restored his American Flyer set and by Christmas we had a train running around the base of our Christmas tree.

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