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Our Life Together


married    16      years

This summer we went and visited both 1 year olds ... Sam in Incline Village and Katelyn in Pullman.  It was fun to have babies in the family again.

In 1997, our dog Rosie passed away at the rip age of 16.  It wasn't long before Kath could not stand the silence of "no dog feet noises" so we got Mokie.  He was very fun to watch as a puppy.

This was the year that we started working hard getting ready for retirement.  We sold our show car Betsy so we could pay off the motorhome.  Bruno the truck was sold in pieces and it left in 3 truckloads!

After 10 years of collecting memories, Kath published her "Memories of my Grandparents" book.  Many copies were made and mailed with a letter as a surprise to family members.

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