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Kath's paintings

In 2017, I started going to "paint parties" which all the craze.  Several people get together and someone teaches them all how to paint one painting all at a time.  It was a great way to learn some basics. 


After the 5th one, I decided to try it on my own.  Anyone who knows me knows I don't do anything a little at a time.  So .. I went to Michael's and bought canvas (several sizes), paint paper, brushes, and paint in all colors.  That day I started painting.  I started by finding samples on the internet and making them my own. With hints for improvement and praise of things done well from my friend Christina Hull, I have improved.

By 2018, I was painting from my own photographs and some I found on the internet.

Some of the paintings turned out good, some not so good, but some turned out "how did I do that?" wow!"  and "I did that!!!" 

When I make a painting and post it on Facebook, it is usually available for adoption. About 75% of my paintings have been adopted from my friends and family.  I love this  That way I can keep painting and not fill up my house too badly!


I am posting all of them here so you can see them.  Each year has the most current paintings first.

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