Some of my interests include volunteering, photography, painting, and family history. I love helping others decifer their DNA results and create their family tree for them.


The photography and paintings I have collected are on their own pages.  Click on the tab above or on the underlined name. 


Children's Village:

Feb 27 2007, I started volunteering one day a week at Children's Village.  It is a great opportunity for me to use my Grandma skills.  

I play with the little and big kids, give them hugs and giggles, hold the babies, or just talk with them.  

This is the very best thing I have done in quite a while.  It helps me feel worthwhile, loved, and like I have something to give back to my neighbors. 

I know I'm helping those kids too.  Each week the kids remember me and ask me to do the same things I did with them before ... push them on the swing, play a board game, play in the basement, go to the park next door, read a book, just sit with them .... it's WONDERFUL!

Kathy is the family genealogist.  She has worked on our family trees, and trees for many other folks since about 1990.  Our tree is out on ancestry.com.