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Our Life Together


married    19       years

We did lots of traveling to visit family this year.  We traveled to Washington to help our friends the Waddles move out of their home.  We helped with them with what to take, give away, or give to family.  then we went to Sequim to visit Kath's aunt and uncle.  June brought us to Rexberg Idaho to visit Dad & Linda and then to Nevada to see Tracy & family.  We visited with our friends at the Oregon coast, attended the Portland Indy Car race and then went to Washington to see friends and family.  In August we were in Canada visiting Bob's Canadian family.  

Besides traveling and visiting people we did a few other things this year:  

  • We purchased a new water-ski boat that Kathy's cousin Bret home delivered to us.

  • Bob helped his Uncle Elmer clear out Aunt Virginia's homes - this took several trips across Washington.

  • We sold Josephine (our '55 Chevy) to our friends with the understanding when they were done with it we get first ask if we want it back.

  • Mokie was diagnosed with epilepsy.

So this was a big year!

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