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Our Life Together


married    27       years

This winter, it snowed and snowed and then never melted ... up to 2-3 feet of snow!

Bob continued his Bolam's Express restoration project.  Each step done with loving care and lots of thought.  His friends Del & Jeff helped him this year.

In May, we traveled to Helena to help Great Aunt Madeline celebrate her 100th birthday!  We took Mokie and took turns checking on him while we were in the party.  We parked our motorhome in the parking lot of the hotel and they let us carry him into the room so we could visit our family.

Josephine went to two car shows this year.  For one of those shows  we showed our unfinished Bolam's Express without her deck. She was a big hit for people to look and see her insides.  She even got an award!

Bob continued to volunteer at Coeur d'Alene Cellars monthly as their maintenance man.  He also participated in bottling and harvest.

Kath continued her Children's Village journey enjoying nearly every minute.  She helped out at church singing in the choir, helping teach Sunday School and helping with Vacation Bible School.

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