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Our Life Together


married    25      years

Bob began volunteering for Coeur d'Alene Cellars this year helping them with bottling and crush.  

We traveled to Minnesota for our National Car Show's last show.  It was fun to spend time with our car club friends from Washington.  Bob made awards for the leaders of the National club as a thank you with standed glass and wood frames.

Josephine got to go to 7 car shows this year.  She even won some first place awards!

Linda and Spence came over to participate with both Kath & Bob.  It was a great weekend.

After the Minnesota show, we drove to Seattle to visit family, drove to Cannon Beach to relax at the ocean, and finished by visiting cousin Bret on the way home.

After 7 years of making Project Linus blankets I stopped after donating 300 blankets.  Next  year I will find a new volunteer  opportunity.

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