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Our Life Together


married    17       years

1998 we spent a lot of time preparing and planning for our 1999 retirement.  We planned to have Bob retire as he made it to age 55.  

We did do a lot of traveling this year.  In May we traveled to Helena, MT to help great Aunt Madeline celebrate her 90th birthday.  We took turns watching Mokie who could not be left long in the motorhome and could not go in the party buildning but we managed to spend quite a bit of time at the party.  We traveled back to Coeur d'Alene for the annual Stellmon reunion and spent some time looking for places for us to move.  We came through Coeur d'Alene two more times in August. Once to attend a wedding and another time we drove Josephine to Missoula for a car show.

In November, we took a river cruise up the Columbia River from Portland to Lewiston on a paddle boat. That was fun and we were joined by our friends Nancy & Doug from New York.

In December, our entire family came to help celebrate Bob's 55th birthday a week early.  It was a great send off for him.

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