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Our Life Together


married    12      years

In January we bought Josephine from our friends PJ & Mike.  They shipped it up to us and it was an exciting time. She was all original and we now had a car we could actually ride in with our family.

Feb 27, 1993, Tracy and Ryan got married. We all went to see them get married.  Cody was part of the wedding of his Mom and Dad and Fiona was the flower girl.

The National Car show was back in California so off we went with Betsy on the trailer.  This year she got another gold certificate.  Before we went home, we went over to Incline Village to see Tracy and family.  We later took Betsy to the Fun Run in Portland and Super Chevy Show.


Dad and Linda came up to see us in August which we loved. Arizona is much farther than where they lived before to go visit.


In November we flew down to California to see Bob's sister who was dying.  Next we met our friends at Disneyland for a fun winter visit.

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