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Our Life Together


married    23      years

Back in 2000 we sold our '55 Chevy Josephine to our friends. In Mar 2004 we purchased her back and showed her many times this year.  The National Car Show was in Coeur 'd Alene and Bob worked very hard on it all year.  The biggest thing he did was making all the awards for the show out of stained glass.  We both helped during the show and at the awards banquet we were voted Members of the Year. What an honor.

In May, we both signed up to do the BIG Bloomsday walk in Spokane.  It was the culmination of our losing weight and getting in shape in 2003. Bloomsday is 7.2 miles of walking.  Linda came over to join us. She ran the whole way.

In June we had our grandkids Marcus and Katelyn for 17 days.  We did lots of fun things including boating, camping, and Silverwood with them.

Grandpa Leonard turned 100 this year so of course we had a big party.  He loved it!  Kath made a slide presentation that included pictures of everyone through the years  which went over well.

We traveled to visit family, had some company, and did extra camping on our own so it was a great year.

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