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Our Life Together


married    39      years

2020 ... our 39th year was the year Covid-19 created a huge pandemic and impacted older adults, especially with underlying conditions (people with asthma like me are in this category) the most. 


Starting in March, we stayed home, we wore masks outside, no hugs or social gatherings.  Our trip to Farragut in May, the ocean in Sept, and going to PJ Jurgen's wedding in October got cancelled.  Bob's knee was worse so he and Brian only went fishing one time! 


We did go camping at Farragut in June, July, and August. Smoke cancelled our Farragut September trip.  We did more home projects, Bob made many many improvements to the trailer, we had our house painted and  we updated our front and back yard landscaping. Kath did more paintings and learned how to photograph small birds and learned the names of those birds. 

We may not have gotten to visit nearly as many people as we normally do in person, but we stayed in closer contact with Kathy's mom, cousin Sharon, and our friends the Waddles.  We even played Farkle (through the computer screen) with the Waddles weekly during the pandemic and during two camping adventures.

On to 2021

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